Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome - Simply Homecook Affair

To be honest, it's really been a long while since I blogged. In the past, blogging was my daily chore. Not knowing the reason why, unknowingly, I stopped penning down my daily thoughts online.

And for now, after around 5 years' time, the feeling of blogging is back again. However this time, it would be something different. I'll be blogging on the food I prepared at home. Usually, I will do some recipe research on the particular delicacy which I would like to whipped up, customize ingredients of the dish, try it out and take a photo of it. I realized I am happy with this whole process and I really enjoy it. Besides, sharing it online would be really a good idea! Let's share the recipes and be happy together! That's what I've thought... Therefore, from now on, I'll share as many of my recipes in here and hope people who stumbled onto my blog would like it.

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